May we present you to Stolli's Crew!

In love with the sea, experienced, well trained and very empathetic - all these are the "Stollis".
It is precisely these qualities that make Stolli's dive centre so unique and familiar.

Anja and Stefan

The two have been on board since 2017 - and will take over the base management in 2022.
The Palatines are characterised above all by their sympathetic and accommodating nature.

also has a great hand for children and demonstrates her organisational skills at the base every day.
When she's not playing memory underwater with a youngster, she takes care of the office and the base operations.

is not only a very sensitive and patient instructor, he also loves challenging dives.
So if you want to see places on our reefs that are rarely dived, he is the man.

Maria and Tom

The two Austrians have been "inventory" of Stolli's dive centre since 2004. For many years they were the base managers, now they concentrate more on their original talents:

not only has an eagle eye for seahorses and nudibranches, she also knows how to capture them in great photographs. She also takes care of the diving centre's website.
IAC / CMAS Course-Direktor

is our "walking encyclopaedia": not only does he know an incredible amount, he can also share his knowledge in four languages. Whether diving physics, regulator or compressor technology, Tom has an answer to almost every question.
IAC / CMAS Course-Direktor
Patron Portuario


"The dearest Peter ever" (his official title 😉) spends the summers in Tamariu and lends a hand. Thanks to his sensitivity and patience, he is popular with all divers and students.



Tamariu without Craig? Impossible to imagine!

The passionate sailor and captain from Scotland has always been part of it, he had already navigated our boat "Gabriela" for Stolli - and is still happy to help out.

Life at the divebase, Crew and Friends

Crew, guests, trainees, friends, neighbours and people from the village...
A click on the respective picture will take you to the photo album of the relevant year.


1971: Stolli

"Stolli" Günter Stolberg

Very early, "Stolli" Günter Stolberg discovered his love for diving and the Costa Brava.

He founded the diving centre in Tamariu in 1971,
at that time in the house next door.


1972 to 1977

he also operated a divebase in the Turtle Bay in Kenia.

1978 to 1990

he spent the winter in the Maldives, on his legendary diving island Furana.
With his boat "Furanei" he was one of the first suppliers of diving cruises.

Stolli was a pioneer of underwater photography.

If one wanted to describe Stolli...

...then probably best with "hard shell, soft core".
To others, he sometimes - ok, often - seemed grumpy. But once he had taken someone to his heart, he was a loyal and above all very humorous friend. The hobby cook liked to invite his friends over and tell them countless anecdotes - ideally over a nice glass of Rioja.
Up to and including 2015, Stolli was the captain of his beloved Gabriela. In August 2016, he passed away at the age of 79.
We will always miss Stolli, his spirit and his dry sense of humour.

since 2004: Maria and Tom

Maria and Thomas Pichlmaier

The two Austrians came to Tamariu for the first time in 2004 - and got stuck right away. No wonder, the two harmonised perfectly with Stolli and his partner Ade.
They quickly became an essential part of the group and took on more and more tasks, up to and including dive base management.

since 2016: Anja and Stefan

Anja and Stefan Felz

Stefan became a diving instructor at Tamariu in 2016 and Anja in 2017. Since then, it's been hard to imagine the dive centre without the two friendly Palatines.

In 2022, the two will take over the management of the divebase.



Opening Hours

from Easter until end of October

daily 9:00 to 18:00 Uhr (with seasonal exceptions)


directly at the promenade of Tamariu, only 30 m from the boat jetty and the entrance of the housereef.


20 full kits of rental equipment
40 tanks 10l / 12l, default Mono valve DIN 200 bar, Int-adapter available
2 Alkin-compressors - capacity 500 l/min
1 diving boat "Gabriela" for 10 persons


both aboard and at the divebase:
complete safety-kit including 100 % oxygen
nearest decompression chamber: Palamós, 15 min distance

Info / local Regulations

medical fitness for diving :

Please note that you must be in good health to dive. As a documentation we need alternatively

  • a correctly completed Medical Questionnaire (PDF or online)
  • a medical certificate (valid for a maximum of 2 years, becomes invalid due to relevant illnesses)


Under-age divers need to have a written permission of their parents. (LINK here)

inspection of tanks:

Costa Brava has its own special law for the inspection of diving-tanks. If you want to bring your own tank and dive with it, please be informed that:
Any tank on which the latest inspection took place more than 12 months ago needs to have proof of a visual inspection (for example sticker or certificate). We are not able to fill tanks which are not up to above standards -
we would risk our own licence in doing so!

diving insurance:

In order to be allowed to dive on the Costa Brava, every diver must be in possession of a valid accident and liability insurance for divers.

If required, you can also book it with us on site. Pricelist



cloud_download  Medical questionnaire


cloud_download Divebase rules, statement of risk and liability



Interim information on COVID-19 measures:

Due to the constantly changing situation, we are revising the safety protocols for operations at the dive center.
This is done in cooperation with our external workplace safety consultant.
We will publish the relevant documents in time before the start of the season.
In the meantime, you are welcome to contact us directly by email to clarify any questions.

at the divebase